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Wendy Joan Grummit

January 10th, 1969 - July 28th, 2022
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Wendy Joan Grummitt

January 10, 1969 - July 28, 2022

 Wendy was born January 10, 1969 to the parents of Ossie and Gale O'Connor. 

She is survived by her mother Gale, brother Donald O'Connor, and three sisters, Laura Dunn, Linda Koster, and Kim Charters. Along with many Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews. 

 Wendy was the youngest in the family, "the baby", and was doted on by us all. She was brave and adventurous as a child. Nothing held her back! If her older siblings could do it, she could do it better!

 Wendy was always happy and smiling or teasing us to no end. She was always following behind us no matter how hard we tried to sneak away; not that we tried too hard haha. She loved horseback riding, swimming, drawing and hanging out with me (her sister Kim) and her friends Sandy, Glenn, and Donny.

 She was fun and always had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. She was our little "Baby Alive Doll" long before Baby Alive came out.

Wendy had a heart of Gold, her husband Terry and their family was her world.

 Wendy fell into "puppy love" with John, and along came Alycia, her only child. A beautiful daughter born out of love between two people who were young and thought they knew what love was. 

It was not to be.

 When Wendy met Terry, we were roommates. Wendy, Alycia, myself, and my two boys Joe & Chris. She came home from their first date and told me she had met the man she was going to marry! He was tall, handsome, kind and soft spoken like Dad. And "Oh!" she said to me, "Did I say Drop Dead Gorgeous!!" ha ha ha. I knew then I had lost my roommate. 

 A short time later Terry and Wendy moved in together and married in 1994. 

 Wendy now became the proud stepmom to a little headstrong, rebellious, beautiful girl; Tara. It took a little while, but Tara finally accepted us all. Wendy and Tara grew very close over the years. She was so proud of both of her girls.

Wendy, Terry and the girls had many adventures together, and that only continued as their family grew.

 Tara met James, and had two beautiful kids, Joshua (16) and Brianna (13). Alycia married Dane and had two gorgeous girls, Lily (4) and Maddison (1). 

 Wendy's grandchildren were her everything, she was so proud of Josh and Brianna, and constantly sang their praises whenever we spoke. And the little ones, Lily and Maddison, almost made her heart burst with their cuteness and her love for them.

Wendy's family was her whole world.

 Terry was Wendy's sunrise every morning, and her stars, moon and her light when all was dark. There was Nothing stronger or as Pure as her love for Terry. He was her Romantic Knight in shining armor, and that never changed. They didn't go out much, or have a large circle of friends, but that is all she needed, she'd say.

 "I have all I want; a man I love who loves me, my girls and their husbands, and my grandbabies. What else do I need?" With that big smile that lit up her whole face. 

 Wendy was happy. She was loved and adored. That's all we could ask for. 

She is gone too soon. She will be greatly missed, thought of often, and will forever be in our hearts. 

Till I see you again. Love forever, your big sister Kim.


December 30th, 2022

I never knew how much I would miss you, until I have to.
I never knew how much that last phone call would mean,until now.
I never knew exactly how much being your big sister would mean to me , until I was no longer one.
I never knew just how much I loved you until you took a peice of my heart with you.
I never knew how much I would miss your smile, until the only way I can see it is in a picture.
I never knew how much I would miss your voice, until I can only hear it in my head and it is slowly fading. I never knew how much, I never knew, until I had to..................
I miss you so much Wendy,my heart still breaks every day knowing I can't see you, or hug you or talk to you anymore.
I love you I am.glad I told you that two days bfor you left us. At least I know ,you knew, how much you meant to me. How much you Will Always mean to me.
I miss you little sister,I wish we had more time. But God needed you more I guess, your work here was done. I just wish he hadn't called you home so soon.

Cheryl Golanowski
December 7th, 2022

Wendy is my dads youngest cousin, and her and I have been friends on Facebook for more than 8yrs, Ive watch her daighters and her grandkids grow. The news of her passing was a big shock, she was way to young, I can only imagine the hole its left to the ones nearest and dear to her. You are missed greatly Wendy blessings to you on the other side.❤️

eleanor golanowski-burgess
August 15th, 2022

Words can not suffice to express the heart felt sorrow that I feel for the passing of my cousin Wendy.

August 12th, 2022
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Growing up in Lac La Hache, I attended school with Wendy.
Wendy was always sweet, and nice to everyone.
Will never forget those beautiful dimples of hers.
Nor will I forget Wendy & Sandy always planning kissing tag with Dale & Donnie. Lol
If only that big rock 🪨 in the back of the school yard could talk.
Wendy will always be with her family & friends as she watches & guides you fm her heavenly dwelling.

Robyn Hartling
August 11th, 2022

Rest in paradise Wendy. ❤

Joseph Diamanti
August 11th, 2022


Love you Aunty; always and forever.

John Legaree
August 11th, 2022

Rest in peace Wendy.

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