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Terance (Terry) Patrick Bridge

February 27th, 1952 - November 17th, 2023
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Terry fought an epic battle with cancer for over 2 years, but is finally free.

He was born in Liverpool England, and his family moved to Canada in 1961. His love of “home” and family in England never left him and in later years, he and Marti would go back whenever possible. But in Canada he found new loves in the people and in nature. When their family was young, Terry and Marti did many camping, hiking and sailing trips with the kids, dear friends and family. 

Terry became a firefighter in 1981. He was a dedicated member who loved the job and had great friendships within it. 

He was an artist with a brush, a camera, a hammer and a guitar. 

Terry and Marti loved to travel and were able to celebrate their 50th anniversary with family and close friends, and then took one more trip to the UK to be with his family there. 

He leaves behind his wife Marti, son Sean (Shawna), daughter Cate (Cam) and his three beloved grandsons, Taydem, Ronan and Callum. Cherished cousins, second cousins, nieces, nephews and aunt all had a special place in his heart. 

~ Calm seas and a following tide ~

A Celebration of Life will be held at 12:00 PM, November 29, 2023 at Meadow Gardens Golf Course, 19675 Meadow Gardens Way, Pitt Meadows, BC.


John Mansell
December 12th, 2023

Terry was a truly amazing person, the closes I've seen to a renaissance man. There seemed to be nothing Terry couldn't do yet he did it all with confidence and exceptional skill, sharing his talents and knowledge with humility, kindness and patience. Terry greeted this world like a kid in a candy store and yet always gave more, leaving it a much better place for his having been here. Thank you and safe travels my friend.

Gail Thompson
December 9th, 2023

I met Terry in Grade 8. Back then he was a gentle soul - a gentle giant amongst his friends, with a slow gait and a shy smile. He never lost his gentle gait and shy smile even as a grown man. Thoughtful and kind to everyone. These are the qualities I remember about him. My heart goes out to Marti and their children and I know their gentle giant is watching over them.

The Kenny Family
November 29th, 2023

Terry was a much loved nephew, cousin and uncle. Renewing the bonds between our families in recent years has been a wonderful gift, and is something we will continue to cherish after his passing. Terry will be remembered for the huge amount of love and respect he showed to his Aunt Shirley, and to John before he died. Jane will miss her lovable big cousin who she shared so many great times and stories with, usually over a glass of this or that. Amy will remember her uncle as a friend and mentor who always showed a keen interest in her life. Earlier this year we shared a last holiday together in the Yorkshire Dales. It was such a special time and leaves us with beautiful memories of our beloved Terry. We will remember the happy times and keep them in our hearts forever.

Robin Wilson
November 29th, 2023

I only met Terry in recent years, but he treated me like a member of the family from day one, and I felt a kinship from the start. I could see that family was important to him. It was everything. Terry was so proud of his scouse roots, but also a solid bona fide Canadian. For me, he was the best of both worlds; fair, honest and dignified, with a sharp wit and cheeky sense of humour. He was a gifted creative, weather it be paintings & pictures, or hammers and nails. He even built his own guitars - who does that??? My abiding thought of Terry is of this great big warm & friendly tough guy. Not tough in the physical sense (although he clearly was); tough as in his strength of mind and spirit. If people are born either willows or oaks, Terry Bridge was a mighty mighty Oak.

Joseph Therrien
November 28th, 2023

I met Terry in 4th grade. I was the shortest kid and Terry was the tallest in the class. We quickly became friends. As kids we got into all kinds of mischief together. Many stories of our adventures have been told over great parties resulting in much laughter.

Terry and I discovered many new experiences together including drawing, photography and The Beatles. A short time after The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, Terry and I and two other school mates lip synced to “She Loves You” in front of the whole school. Terry was “Paul” of course.

I will always have great memories of Terry. My wife, Joan and I love him very much.
We are going to hear his truck coming down our driveway and Terry whistling up to our back door “Hello” for a long time.

Terry Katerenchuk
November 28th, 2023

There are no words to describe the loss we feel for our friend Terry. We feel blessed to be able to call Terry and Marti our friends for over 30 years.
Terry was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend, he loved nature, he loves photography, he was a great musician, and artist he loved working with his hands. He was a true craftsman, he was an amazing human being.
Over the years, we had many trips together, each filled with great adventures, never as planned, but in the end so much better.
Now we are left with beautiful memories that will cherish forever.
Love you, Terry

Erwin Unger
November 26th, 2023

My view of Terry was of a very considerate, quiet mannered man dedicated to family. Once, when we had dropped our boat motor into a clear lake, he and Mike dove down and retrieved it from 10 feet down in no time at all. He was a gifted artist whose perspective was very nature oriented. My sincere condolences to the family.

Ann&Rick White
November 26th, 2023

Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.Words are not enough at a like this 💜

Klaus Kahle
November 25th, 2023

Terry was a wonderful and talented man and the most easy going fellow I ever worked with. He helped me on my home addition back in the 90’s and was always available for great advice and friendship. I always enjoyed any shift that I worked with Terry. A true gentleman. Will miss you my friend!

David J Bridge
November 25th, 2023
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Seems everyone on here has Terry nailed. My Cousin, my friend, my Brother.Liverpool's loss was Canada's gain. I will always cherish the time we spent together and with our families during our travels over the last couple of decades. I'll miss our conversations on photography and wildlife. Catch you later mate. All our love.

Kirk and Andrea Szteina
November 24th, 2023

Unfortunately, we will be out of the country and unable to attend Terry’s celebration of life in person.
Even though we knew of each other for over 20 years, we became close buddies recently. It started with Terry helping me renovate my house five years ago and then working on big projects together. He was a workhorse and an energizer bunny. I learned a lot from him.
I’m going to miss our banter and our coffees at Starbucks. I still remember his order: regular coffee, 4 sugars, 4 creams.
Andrea will remember Terry every time she practices on the guitar that Terry made for her.
On November 29th, when we climb to the top of Arenal Volcano; I will shout out to him: TERANCE OF ARABIA !!

David J Bridge
November 24th, 2023
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Seems everyone on here has Terry nailed. My Cousin, my friend, my Brother. I will always cherish the time we spent together and with our families during our travels over the last couple of decades. I'll miss our conversations on photography and wildlife. Catch you later mate. All our love.

November 24th, 2023
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From the moment I met Terry I thought he was the coolest guy around…he played piano, guitar, built instruments, a craftsman, a photographer, an artist, a firefighter, a Beetles lover and a great storyteller. Terry had an incredible way of making people feel special. It wasn’t until Terry spent a bunch of time with my kids and me, while he was generously helping renovate my house, that I really learned how amazingly, special he was. During this time, he listened, gave advice, shared his wisdom, worked his magic and made my house so beautiful, made us laugh, drank tea, made a mess, opened his heart, reminisced and told stories, I will hold those memories close, always. Terry was so talented in many ways, he was kind, generous, considerate and funny to mention a few, but I think his most special talent was the joy he brought to others just by simply being himself. Every time my kids and I spent time with Marti and Terry, we would leave feeling blessed, chatting about him the whole way home. Terry had this way about him that made me feel like he was genuinely interested in my life and made me feel proud of myself. I feel so grateful to have known him, absolutely lucky. My deepest Condolences to all who loved him, myself included. Rest in peace Terry.

Dawnie Blake
November 24th, 2023

I realize your hearts are shattered right now, but I know your family will find peace and love as you celebrate a life that left you with so many great memories. You'll talk about Terry often and tell stories that make you laugh and occasionally cry, but his memory will live on in a family that obviously adored him. Safe and gentle passage, Terry.
Sincere condolences Marti and family xx

Dorothy Mansell
November 24th, 2023
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I met Terry in high school and remember him as a strong and silent type. I was very lucky to get to know him better after we graduated and came to see there was so much more to him than that.

My husband Paul and I have wonderful memories of time spent with Terry and friends on Vancouver Island and on visits he made to Costa Rica where he explored and studied the wildlife for his photography and painting. Terry was a talented painter, photographer, a builder of anything he put his mind to and an adventurer with greater zeal than a dozen men. He was great company, a kind and considerate man and a lot of fun. And most of all, he was a decent human being, the highest compliment that can be offered in our view. The world would be a much better place with more in the mold of Terry Bridge.

John Sheriff
November 23rd, 2023

Dar and I are so sorry to hear that Terry passed
Our sincere condolences to you Sean and Katie
Terry was one of the most talented person I have ever known
I remember working with him on our days off
Terry taught me how to build homes. He taught me how to finish woodwork and I looked up to him my whole career in the fire service . As stubborn as I can be I always loved to learn from Terry and watch him do his wonders on his paintings and carvings at work.
Even thru what he was going thru he took on new adventures and kept forging ahead
With all his talents I also found Terry to be a humble person never boasting on his skills.
He was a one of a kind person
Even thou we didn’t see a lot of each other I always enjoyed catching up with you guys and his new adventures.
I considered Terry a good friend and he will be greatly missed
Take care Marti and take some comfort in knowing you were married to a great and respected man by many of us in the fire service

Dave and Thea Plowman
November 22nd, 2023

We loved Terry. So many great memories through the years. A talented artist and craftsman with an insatiable appetite to discover and explore. He could always find the humour in any situation. And man, did we have some laughs. Good times! We’ll miss you Terry. R.I.P.

John Dominelli
November 22nd, 2023

Terry and I became close friends at around age 15. He was always good to me, kind, curious, and would not hesitate to challenge me. This much I loved, and love. His enthusiasm, and near absence of hesitation in trying out new skills was, and is, exemplary. I see now how this is something I deeply admire, something I will do my best to learn from. Finally, I hope I was able to meet his uncommonly high bar of friendship...

Bob Mazar
November 22nd, 2023

I didn't know Terry that well, but for the past year and half we had been texting each other because we are battling the same disease.
As firefighters we fight a lot of battles, but this battle is a hard one to win. This battle is finally over for you. Rest in peace Terry.
(I miss our texting)
My sincere condolences to Marti and family.

Owen Robertson
November 21st, 2023

One of the most talented people I’ve ever met…. Rest easy my friend.

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