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Raymond Baker

November 18th, 1958 - October 28th, 2023
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Remember and mourning our son, brother, father and husband; Raymond Eugene Baker

Ray was born to Sharon and Len Baker in Chilliwack General Hospital in 1958. He spent his first years in Chilliwack then was raised in the Hope area, first in Dogwood valley, then Yale and then Hope. He is survived by sisters Kim and Leona, and brother Darcy(Kirk). 

He  first married Cathy Yake, and had 3 children., Kimberly, Charlene, and Eugene. 

His second marriage was to Joelle Cawley, and has a daughter Jolene from that union. 

He loved being a grampa to his grandchildren.

Ray enjoyed a long career with C.P Rail and enjoyed the brotherhood of the people he worked with there. 

He loved to drive from place to place, and enjoyed a coffee and a chat at many stops along the way. He was known as 'Rambo' to many for his love of weapons and camouflage gear.

He will be missed by many for his big heart. 


November 12th, 2023

Ray- We had fun as youngsters, all us kids hiking, fishing, playing kick the can in the dark - we cousins- feeling like a family- in our teens - going for coffee drives to cache creek in the middle of the night because we couldn’t sleep, you bailing me out of trouble when I rolled moms car. I won’t forget those times. I am so sorry we grew up, lost touch and I have missed the opportunity to tell you that you were loved and I will always remember

Hamm Catherine
November 10th, 2023

Hello Raymond..I am so sorry to all family and friends,and the lives you have touched along the way.
I personally have a few memories that I would like to share ...
I could write pages but will keep to a few ,special ones ..the trip to Saskatchewan without a spare tire and back to Hope,Your Love for Real Whipping Cream which
You found in a small hick town about 55 hours away and your Love for coffee at weird hours ,Your marriage
Proposal ,I didn't even know your name ...but it was Wonderful.
Thank you Ray for your Love and acceptance..Rest Easy my Friend,You
Deserve it

Kim Wollis
November 10th, 2023
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Daddy, there isn't a day I don't think of you. There isn't a day that I don't miss you. I'll never forget you. You were such a strong, brave and hard working man. I am the person I am today because of you Daddy. I wish there was some way I could bring you back to me as it's truly to hard trying to let you go but I know you're not gone forever as one day I'll cross the golden gates and there you'll be with open arms to hug and greet me. I will hold you in my heart and I will keep my memories in my thoughts for the rest of my life. Oh, I want to tell you.... Daddy I got a new tattoo!! It's for you, to help me feel like you're always close. I love you Daddy. Rest in paradise ❤️

Laura Jamieson
November 10th, 2023

Sending big hugs to all of you… I’m so sorry for your loss.

Kim Marlatt
November 10th, 2023

Ray always stood up for the little guy! I miss the drives to Cache Creek for coffee at midnight because we just finished our shift at the cafe and were wide awake! You drove fast but were safe as far as I remember anyways. Pretty sure Mom has a tray of dishes that need cleaning, say hi for me! My love to the family!

Susan maximiuk
November 10th, 2023

Ray was a good guy, had many coffees with him over the years. He will be missed, condolences to Sharon and family.

Joelle Baker
November 10th, 2023
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My love, not a single day passes without thinking of you.... As long as I live. You will always be the love of my life, Darlin some day, some way my soul will find yours. Dear you were my forever, my partner and best friend, please don't ever forget me.

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