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Paul Douglas Bergmuller

November 22nd, 1954 - March 13th, 2023
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Dear Dad,

Today is Nov 22nd, your first earthly birthday; we are without you.

Today is especially sad for all those who loved you, who are grieving for you,

Who will always love you. 

I've tried to write your obituary, many times. 

How can I take your entire life, explaining it in just a few lines?

Needless to say, I cannot. 

How do you honor someone you love, or find the right words

While overwhelmed by grief & hurt?

My aunties (Mona & Donna) wrote a proper obituary for you,

They explained your childhood; where you grew up (Regina, Sask),

Interests, family & friends. 

They explained a portion of your life, and did it exceptionally well.

If anyone wishes to know more, they can look you up, since there is a lot to tell. 

I want to talk about the most important thing to you,

YOUR MIRACLE! …. five years ago March 13, 2018. 

You were on life support Dad.

The doctors saying you were already gone.

It would take a miracle for you to live.

They considered you as good as dead. 

I reached out to hundreds of friends and family,

Asking them to PRAY.

There is strength in numbers.

A beauty so powerful… called Faith. 

Faith believes in God even though we cannot see Him.

And Dad, God gave you that MIRACLE! 

You lived exactly FIVE more YEARS, to the EXACT DAY- March 13, 2018

To the DAY of March 13, 2023, when you went to be with your Lord,

In your heavenly home. 

Every day of those five years, you felt truly blessed.

You took nothing for granted knowing tomorrow could be your last!

Thank you for being my Dad and sharing your new life with us. 

I want to tell all of you reading this some of the changes he now has made.

He woke up each day and thanked the Lord that he was alive, 

He would explain how he saw the world in a new light; walking daily in the forest and

Enjoying every breath of his new life. 

Dad moved from Regina, SK. in 2017 to Maple ridge, B.C (his location when he passed). 

He made friends with kind & helpful neighbors at the close-knit community of the Maple Ridge RV Park, where Florian runs a tight ship!  (smile :)

Dad made extra time for the people he loved.

He talked on the phone, hours daily to his eldest son (Brandon) in Alberta.

He would fly his youngest daughter (Jessi) out to B.C so he could spend quality time with her.

He would visit his youngest son (Curtis) and have endless chats and collaborations about growing plants.

He also visited me, his eldest daughter (TerraLeigh), almost daily (since I lived 5min away). 

He thanked our mother (Irene), for blessing him with four amazing children. 

Dad always stressed the importance of the gift of family, which came from his Dad (Paul) & Mom (Loretta) Bergmuller. 

Dad considered every day precious, never to be wasted.

Dad helped the homeless whenever he could.

He would be the first one to stop to help you if your car broke down on the side of the road. 

Things that once made him so angry, never bothered him anymore

Grudges he held onto, 

He now showed the door 

My Dad truly learned how to live with this extra five years he was given.

He thanked God everyday and his faith grew.

He showed kindness and love to those around him.

Dad became his best self, living his final days in gratitude and peace. 

Today is Dad's first earthly birthday.

And we are without him.

Our hearts hurt, because we miss him. 

We also rejoice because on March 13th, 2018, Dad got a second chance at earthly life. My family and I got the best version of Dad, from all the years he was alive. 

On March 13th, 2023, Dad's heavenly forever birthday began. 

Five years to the family and I experienced a true life Miracle thought to be impossible. Thank you, God, for this extra five year gift! Watching Dad’s new life truly has shown how someone can change, grow, live in the present, and be grateful. 


With Love,

Your daughter, 



Donna Janzen
November 23rd, 2023

Terra you wrote a beautiful tribute to your Dad, got me right in the heart. Thank you for sharing your words and giving us a personal glimpse of how much he appreciated everything in the last 5 years. We had him for the first part of his life but you had him for most of the rest. His family was everything to him, and it fills my heart that you guys loved him SO much and showed him in all the ways that you could. He was a very lucky man. You are good kids.
November 22nd 2023 happy first heavenly birthday my brother xo

Amanda Bergmuller
November 22nd, 2023

Happy 1st heavenly birthday to my amazing father in law! We love you, and we truly miss you so very much! I pray that you are in Heaven with your parents celebrating your birthday today! We will continue to think of you daily, and we hope to see you again one day 💞

Mona Stelter
November 22nd, 2023

Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday, Doug! We miss you but we know you're safe and happy with Mom and Dad! ❤

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