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Norma Butt Cheung Kui Ching

February 9th, 1934 - June 11th, 2023
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On June 11, 2023 Norma Butt Cheung Kui Ching, daughter to Cheung Chuk Kwan, beloved mother and grandmother passed away peacefully and on her own terms at Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver. Norma is survived by her children Jacqueline, Emily, Madeline, Spencer and Liana, daughter in law Kathleen and grand children Matthew, Ashleigh and Mackenzie.

Norma will be remembered for her larger than life personality, her enormous generosity and selflessness and her immeasurable kindness. She always made everyone feel like family. Graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelors degree in Economics, she went on to get her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia in 1959 and ultimately joining the city of Vancouver Social Services Department as a young social worker before getting married and starting a family. Norma was always the first one to stand up for those in need or help the less fortunate.

Mom will be greatly missed by her loving family and friends, forever thankful and blessed for the time they had with her and always remembered in their hearts.

We are sincerely grateful to the many family and friends who have given us support and comfort during this time of loss.

A Celebration of Norma’s Life is in the planning and will be announced soon.

In lieu of flowers, mom would greatly appreciate a donation be made to one or all of the key agencies that helped her through her final journey.

They are as follows:

The North Shore Palliative Care Program at:  through the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

or The BC Cancer Agency at


David Lam
February 9th, 2024

Auntie Norma, hope you are having a wonderful Birthday party with all your friends up there and wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year !

David Lam
December 23rd, 2023
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Merry Xmas Auntie Norma !

Diane Jang
July 19th, 2023
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Dear Auntie Norma,

I will always remember our good times together with you and the Butt kids. You were always a faster MJ player than I was. We made each other laugh, maybe you were laughing at me more. Lol. And I appreciated the motherly advice you would give me, especially about "boys". You and Em always welcomed me when I came to visit you two in Hong Kong. I will miss your warm heart, your laughter, and kindness.

Love Diane

David Lam
July 18th, 2023
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Dear Aunty Norma,
We all know you have the biggest heart for dogs and cats. If you see a grey and white cat brushing your legs, please take him in as you have taken me in.
His name is Oscar, he will sit on your lap when you are catching up with your Korean and Chinese dramas. He will lay on your pillow and put his chubby paw on your face when you go to bed.
He is the most affectionate kitty cat. Knowing that he will be with you will put big smile on my face.
Love Dave

Hoi & Julia Tsao
July 13th, 2023

We had befriended Norma for a very long time. It had always been fun in her company --- from our first outing up the Grouse Mountain in 1957, to our carefree roaming on Cheung Chau Island (HK) in 2017. We manged to keep in touch all these years, up till last May 16. Her warmth, consideration and generosity unfailingly shone through every time we got together, be it in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver or Hong Kong.

We miss you, Norma, a lovely life-long friend to have known.

Hoi & Julia Tsao

william Sluchinski
June 26th, 2023

I found your name and you blended perfectly.
When i first me Norma with Spencer I was taken by similarities of mother and son.
I found both smiling and the grace of giving.
Thank you Spencer for introductuon to mom.
Norma reminded so much of my mother..solid stance on treating people equal and special at the same time as keeping flowery expressions to a minimum...with a smile and chortle always present. I find that all ther children have the same dispositmion for giving and sharing..She has passed it on.
Norma lives on with with my own mother as a Hard working Generation of people that gave all to their families and asked for nothing in return.
I feel a lot of time spent with people we like is in our minds and when in their presence it is very special.
Norma is very special in my mind.
Till we meet again.

Karena Lam
June 23rd, 2023

What you are going through is unimaginable. Know that my thoughts are with you at this loss of your mother, Norma.

Bernice Ko
June 21st, 2023

Dear Aunty Norma,
What a special lady you were to your children, grandchildren, family and friends. You have impacted so many by your loving generous spirit. You welcomed us into your home and into your family's lives to witness your kindness, wittiness, strength and love. I am forever grateful to have so many wonderful memories of time spent with you. You shared with me heartwarming words of how grateful and lucky you were to be surrounded by your family and treasured the time you had to spend with them. Each and everyone of your children are a reflection of you and how special you are. You will be cherished for your honesty, humility and grace.
You walk amongst the angels in heaven now.
May God bless you. Rest well and in peace, Aunty Norma.

With love,

Adrian Fung
June 20th, 2023

Auntie Norma, I was very grateful that you took care of me and let me to hang out with your children when I was in highschool. I still remember the good times when we were watching TV dramas at your living room and having a good laugh. Thank you for your kindness and you will be missed!


David Lam
June 20th, 2023
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Auntie Norma,
You were always worried about me spending money on flowers on your Birthday or Mother's Day....
Well, no need to worry this time the Peony are from the front yard.
Hope you like them.
Love Dave

June 19th, 2023

Auntie Norma was a truly special person who embodies kindness, generosity, wisdom. Memories will be cherished forever.

Susan Wong
June 18th, 2023

Auntie Norma was kind and humble, and made every one feel welcomed. And I'm sure she is very proud that all her children are the same way. To know one is to know the whole family. I feel very fortunated to have known Auntie Norma and spend much time in her home.
I have always remembered the words she said to me when I saw her folding laundry ( which I could tell was not hers) and I asked her why she was folding the laundry of her grown children when they should be the one doing that. And she simply said that she didn't mind because she was still able to do it. And I have tried to keep that 'do it if you can' attitude.
Auntie Norma holds a special place in my heart and I share in your tremendous loss.
I extend my heartfelt condolences and support to the family at this difficult time.
Rest in Peace Auntie Norma.

Daniel Lam
June 18th, 2023

Dear Auntie Norma,

You’ve always cared for us like a mother, kind, genuine, and funny. We could discuss about anything with you. Anything. And the amazing stories you shared with us at your kitchen table…

All these memories will be cherished, dearly.

Maureen & Jim
June 18th, 2023

Dear Auntie Norma,

We are saddened by your loss. You have been a great inspiration for us with your strength, kindness and pragmatism. You have welcomed us into your life as one of your own and every time we meet, it was like no time has past at all. We will miss you greatly but will be forever in our hearts.

With love,
Jim and Mo

Michael Cheung
June 17th, 2023

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Losing someone like Auntie Norma, who was not only an inspiration but also a loving and welcoming person, can be incredibly difficult. It's clear that she made a significant impact on all of our lives. Remembering her as someone who always upheld values and opened her home to everyone shows what a kind-hearted and compassionate person she was.

During this time of grieving, it's important to cherish the memories we have of Auntie Norma and hold onto the positive influence she had on us. Keeping her in our thoughts and reflecting on the moments we shared together can bring comfort and help us honour her legacy.

June 17th, 2023
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Dearest Auntie Norma,

I have never met a personality like you. The memories of the good times we shared will forever remain a treasure. You are a woman with a great heart of service, you get things done easily and sacrifice a lot for others. Thank you for a life well lived.

Love ,


June 16th, 2023
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I had the pleasure of first meeting Mrs. Butt in December, 2022, in the midst of a gathering of her family.
Mrs. Butt loved a good laugh and very much enjoyed being amongst her loving family, into which I was welcomed and made to feel apart.
Thank you for those special memories.


Lydia and Ida
June 16th, 2023

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Auntie Norma.

She was a remarkable person. We could still remember chitchatting with her during the dim sum gatherings, we always ended up feeling her as a friend, not a friend’s mom. Her presence brought a vibrant energy and a sense of joy. She was knowlegeable, witty, generous, and did her own thing with a lot style.

Although she may no longer be physically present, we know her spirit will forever live on in the hearts of those who loved her.

Lydia and Ida

Linda Watts
June 16th, 2023

I was so sad to hear of Mrs Butt’s passing. I have the deepest sorrow for her children and grandchildren as I know they loved her so much. I remember the many times we went out for dinner and that she always made sure there was crab or shrimp for me. Always so thoughtful. I have many memories of living at the Butt house and was so happy to get to know her and all the children/grandchildren. Maddie had a very special relationship with her Mom and visited her weekly to help with chores and spend time with her. I know she will be lost for awhile as she mourns the list of this tradition.
My heart aches for the family, however I know Mrs Butt is in a better place. Take care of each other.
Love Linda

Shanif Sayani
June 16th, 2023

While I never had the pleasure of meeting Norma Butt in person, I could tell from the utter devotion and love Maddie spoke about her ‘mommy’ with that she was a special lady. When the social climate in Vancouver was not what it is today and when diversity and inclusion were not at the forefront of social change, Norma Butt championed the causes which supported those in need or those who were less fortunate. As a member of a minority community myself, we all owe a debt of gratitude for the courage and profound positive impact pioneers like Norma had on our communities. Especially when it was not easy to do so. I see that spirit of always standing up for those in need or helping those less fortunate in Maddie. The legacy continues……..

Thank You for a life well lived and for your compassion for others Norma Butt. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Shanif Sayani

June 16th, 2023

Dear Auntie Norma,

Will never forget your unsparing generosity of laughter, kindness, compassion and our mutual love for all nuts and ham yu jeong. It has been such a honor to have known you! RIP

Liz Soeswanto
June 16th, 2023

Auntie Normah
Although its been awhile, you do cross my mind, time and again. Your hearty laughters, our frivolous banters and your serious Christmas preparations...........joyous.
To have you as an elder and a friend is my blessing. Your wisdom and kindness to everyone around you, is commendable. Auntie Normah, rest in peace, you've done great. Till then....... 💐💔

Alfred & Family
June 16th, 2023

No winter without a spring
And beyond the dark horizon
Our hearts will once more sing....
For those that leave us for a while
Have only gone away
Out of a restless, care worn world
Into a brighter day
By Helen Steiner Rice
Aunty Norma
May God bless your beautiful soul & Rest in peace

June 16th, 2023

Auntie Norma was a virtuous, kind, friendly and down-to-earth woman. I will always remember the way she would light up a room with her genuine smile.

We pray that she is surrounded by angels. She will be truly missed.

Love, Maralyn & Chris

June 16th, 2023

Aunty Norma’s house was my second home. I spent so much time growing up there and hanging out with all the Butt kids. The house was always full of laughter, it was loud, crazy at times and always fun…very much like Aunty Norma.
My parents loved it when Aunty Norma came over for dinner..she was always the life of the party!!
I will miss her smile, her laughter and our conversations on fashion and design..her signature turtleneck, black pants paired with blackout shades and a healthy dose of Attitude.
Aunty Norma you are a special lady and will be missed❤️. Thank you for being you!!!

Love Eileen

June 16th, 2023

My Dear Auntie Norma

Thank You for showing me the unconditional love you have for your children, family and their friends included ☺️. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world!

Thank You for putting up with me in all those crazy card game moments. I will always remember your lovely smile.

You are super cool and I will never forget the fond memories we shared 💜

Wing Wong

Joyce Wong
June 15th, 2023

Auntie, Norma, Mom

Missing you already!

Now who’s going to join us when we are up to no good?

Raising my glass and let’s have tea… NOT!

Love you lots!
JJ xxx

June 15th, 2023

Maddie and family.

I am so very sorry for your loss.

While I never met your mother directly Maddie, I feel that through the good wishes and greetings we passed through you, the little chuckles this provided each of us, and the wonderful stories you told about her, I got to know her a little bit. :) I still would have liked to have sat down with her, had some drinks and food, and shared stories about you. But I feel fortunate for the small connection we did make.

I know how much she meant to you Maddie, and how much you meant to her. Your mother raised a wonderful daughter and a wonderful person, I've been so fortunate to have in my life. I'll always be thankful to her for that.

In loving memory.

Dale K

June 15th, 2023

Dear Aunty Norma. Your wonderful, strong and generous presence will forever be missed! RIP

Henry Lee
June 15th, 2023

Auntie Norma,

You're the bravest woman I've met and your impact in my life is tremendous. Thank you for all your kind words and affirmations every time we met. They motivated me and helped me through difficult times in many occasions. Now, enjoy heaven and look for my Mom and Dad for chatting or Karaoke.

Love you with all my respect.

June 15th, 2023

Aunty Norma was like a second Mom to me. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at their home always welcomed, always taken care of. A. Norma was a special lady who will be missed dearly.


Ruby& Mel
June 15th, 2023

Dear Aunty Norma
I never figured I would lose you this early. However, you will always be in our heart. Your laugh, loud voice, will be miss. I ask that you discover harmony and comfort in heaven.

Love Ruby & Mel❤️❤️

David Lam
June 15th, 2023
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Dear Auntie Norma,
Thankyou for taking me in after Brentwood. My stay with you and all the Butt kids.......Priceless.
Only you can put up with my crap. My stinky socks that almost made you vomit during laundry day.... or did you?..., fetching me late at night in your Riviera Convertable with you blacked out Sunglass and black mink coat at the arcade on Granville Street when my Dad called....., always taking my side when I had heated exchange with BB and JB..., caught me smoking and be so cool about it ;)
I'm so glad that you liked my silly pop-up cards and that they put a smile on your face.
You will forever be my second Mom ❤
Love, Dave

P.S. Wherever you are, if someone is giving you a hard time.... just turn around and say....." Talk to my lawyer" 👌😄

Pearl Wong
June 15th, 2023

From the very first time we met Auntie Norma, she treated us like family with food, laughter, kindness and love! She always has so much wisdom to share with us with humility and humour.
Auntie Norma, you will forever be dear to us.
Pearl & Jenny

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