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Lester Gordon Richards

January 5th, 1977 - March 24th, 2023
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You arrived at your destination; a place of knowing who you are and having achieved an overall sense of peace in your life. Strong physically and mentally, you won the challenge, you won the fight. My son, my best friend, I am so proud of what you had become. You used to always say, “I will live forever,” I now know what you meant.

No more watching comedies and Rocky movies over popcorn. No more eating out and short trips to Lands of Wonder. No more talks about the mysteries of life. You were a pillar, my rock; someone whom I could count on under any circumstance.

Live on, dear sweet gentle soul with “The Glory of Love” and “The Eye of the Tiger” by your side.

You will be dearly missed by friends and family, especially by your mom Susan, sister Lisa, uncle Bruce, auntie Val, auntie Candy, Grandpa Gordon and cousins Aaron, Cameron and Todd. The ice cream bars and watermelon for your shakes are still in the freezer.

Until we will meet again.


Guy daSilva
May 27th, 2023

Lester, you were my brother through the early years of our life and I’m devastated to learn of your passing. I know we grew apart as we got older but it was amazing to reconnect our friendship all those years later and our bond formed in Balfour and Helen’s court will remain forever. This news has brought back a wave of amazing memories and moments and I was blessed to have been gifted such and amazing friend to grow up with. The jolly jumper you brought when I had my first born son Pius was his favourite toy as a baby and was such a kind and thoughtful gift. I wish I would have reached out these last few years to chop it up and have a few more beers and a lot more laughs. I will cherish our memories and times together and I still can’t believe I won’t get to hear that laugh one more time.
Love you brother and hope to see you again one day.

Vivian Gerke
May 5th, 2023

Lester will truly be missed by his friends and family he was such a kind and good hearted person.

Uncle Bruce
May 5th, 2023

In late February, you texted me pictures of your cat Oreo and I sent back pictures of our puppy Smudge (just the latest of our texting back and forth). Just last September I picked you up at Grandpa's house to come over for a visit with Aunt Valerie and to meet our new puppy. You sat at the end of the table, opposite me and as usual we had a beer and a great visit. You were the last of the Grandchildren to make the trip to visit Granny and I know how much family meant to you. You were always there to help me or Grandpa and always without asking twice. Your Dad was proud of you.
When I go out at night to look at the stars and say goodnight to Granny and your Dad, I also say goodnight to you.
Uncle Bruce

April 19th, 2023

Dearest Lester,

Still can't believe that you are no longer here but I know you will forever be in our hearts and in our Daimoku as we chant for your Enlightenment.
You were such a cool guy whom I always looked forward to talking to whenever you came over to my house back in the day when you visited Lisa who was my roommate at the time. I was always so impressed with how engaging, sincere and down-to-earth you were whenever we spoke. And how fortunate I was to be able to hang out with you a couple of years ago when I was visiting Vancouver and your mom.
I will always cherish these memories.
See you on the other side, sweet Lester. Love and hugs
Your friend, May

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