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Lawrence Peter Lavan

June 2nd, 1939 - October 15th, 2023
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Lawrence (Larry) Lavan passed away peacefully the afternoon of Oct 15, 2023 in Maple Ridge, BC at the age of 84. He leaves to mourn his loving wife, children and grandchildren.

Lawrence Lavan was born in NYC on June 2, 1939 to Peter and Fay Lavan. He had an older brother, Spencer who predeceased him. He was educated at Trinity High School in Manhattan and then at Harvard University. After graduating in 1960 he went on to get a Juris Doctor Degree from the Law School at Columbia University. He began his professional life at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan. He moved to the United Kingdom and married Lesley Vine in 1971 and became father to Cara, Piers and Hannah.

In 1977 he moved back to the United States and spent his time between Miami, Palm Beach and India. He had a music studio in Florida, met and recorded some professional singers among others.

Larry dedicated the second half of his life to uncovering hidden meaning in the great texts and arts from Ancient Civilization and European Culture. He was gifted with a perfect memory for details and dates from history.

He loved to share his findings and stories later in life with whomever  had the privilege to be in his company. 

In 1997, he met his greatest travel companion, Dianne Germain and they were married in Vancouver, BC in 1999. Together their adventures on six continents and more than 100 countries (and various planes of consciousness) could fill volumes. Every winter they would visit at least one new country and enjoyed the different beautiful scenic wonders as well as the various interesting cultures. They had the privilege to stay with indigenous people such as in Nepal, China and Mesa, Arizona. He loved the ocean and loved to swim as well as visit art museums and ancient ruins of the world. 

 Larry was the first to bring high speed internet to the Slocan Valley community in BC with the help of Dianne and his stepson Vince as the technician from 2005 till 2018 when the business was sold to another internet company.

He was an accomplished musician and had an encyclopedic knowledge of classical music. Larry loved playing for an audience: from Rachmaninov solos to classics from the American songbook. He was a gifted singer and had an amazing memory for the songs' lyrics. He delighted in singing as he played the piano. Often times, a band was playing jazz in the living room with Larry on the piano, Larry A on the saxophone, Eric on drums, a guitar player or another singer. We women would object to the band calling themselves  “The Chairmen of the Broads”. In public, they called themselves "Larry and Larry".

He had a special kinship with horses and would ride them whenever the opportunity presented itself.

He always found time to visit and interact with his grandchildren, Hector, Gabriel, Toby, Daniel, Reuben and Gideon and his step children Vince, Madeline, Paul and Jeff as well as his step grandchildren, Vienna, Miranda, Logan, Trinity, Tyler, Eli, Izabel and Jasmine.

Larry developed many friends over the years and many seeked his advice and wisdom which he always gave freely.

Larry leaves his memories to all who knew him. All will remember him fondly and will miss him dearly. Till we meet again.

His ashes will be spread over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.


Ken Tobin
November 2nd, 2023

Larry was an honorable and honest man, that has a gentle soul and didn't have a mean bone in his body. He was there for me when nobody else was and it was an honour to have known him. Blue Skies Larry. My deepest condolences to you Dianne and to all those that loved him and will always miss him.

November 1st, 2023

Larry was in my life for only a couple years! But he was a sweetheart. I hope you are playing some beautiful music still ❤️

Larry Rollack
November 1st, 2023

What an amazing man and what an outstanding life. Most people could only dream to accomolish a 1/10th of his travels, and then to be blessed with a photographic memory and proficiency in anything musical? Many musical artists today would be envious of his feats.

Men like this are sadly passing into folklore, never to be surpassed, from a time not long ago when you could do what ever you dared to dream. He lived his dream.

Our deepest condolences to the family.

Larry & Jackie Rollack-Doell

Judith Maltz
November 1st, 2023

What a beautiful tribute, Dianne.
Larry and I discovered at out first meeting that we attended the same elementary school- P.S. 6 and had Trinity connections.
As the only person I ever met in Canada from my old neighbourhood and era he and I shared a special perspective and understanding of our time and place. Now I alone carry those memories with no one to share them with.
As my decades long four hands partner, Larry will never be far from my side at the piano and is & will be forever missed.
All who knew Larry knows he is irreplaceable.

Leah Main
November 1st, 2023

My condolences to his large extended family.

May the long time sun shine upon him
all love surround him
and the clear light within him
guide his way home

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