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John Cochran

December 23rd, 1948 - October 1st, 2023
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On October 1st John Cochran departed this world and if he could have, he would have shouted ‘reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated’, as he did when being loaded into an ambulance after failing to remove a wooden Santa from the roof without also removing himself from the roof, rapidly and on top of his wife’s blueberry bushes (which never recovered), one January years ago.

Born in Canada to Marjorie and George Cochran, but moving to England when he was 2, John fondly remembers getting measles and having the whole ship to himself under quarantine. It might have been there that his love of boats and engines was born, and he eventually became an engineer in the Merchant Marines with Manchester Shipliners.

Despite this engineering background, John managed to be in denial about being color-blind and, ignoring strict instructions from his eldest child, attempted to re-wire a 1966 Mustang without her and set the whole wiring loom on fire. Irreverent and mischievous throughout his whole life, John managed to always see the sarcastic side of life. Whether it was telling his long-suffering children that the ice cream truck playing a song meant it was out of ice cream or maintaining that his proposal to his wife was an accident because he was drunk and meant to say ‘will you carry me’ he never failed to make people laugh (or groan and roll their eyes).

Left to sort through his enormous saw and hammer collection and vast array of sarcastic t-shirts are his daughters, Marian Hellstrom, Alexandra Cochran and his wife Marlou Cochran as well as his sister Jennifer Knox in the UK. John’s absolute favorite role was as ‘Papa’ to Mackenzie Hellstrom and she will forever be his favorite child.

No flowers are needed as John really was confused as to why people liked them but if you feel a need to donate please do so to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. What would have made him happy is for people to have a nice coffee and a poutine and reminisce about the decades of hilarious memories he has gifted them with.

A small celebration of life will be held on October 29th. Please contact his daughters directly for details. Sorry Gran & Grandpa G, over to you now to remind him that butterscotch pudding is not an actual meal. 


Richard Ogley
November 1st, 2023

John and I first met in 1972 , we lived over the road from each other in Ellesmere Park, a Suburb of Greater Manchester. Incidentally Brian And Rita Jarvis lived. Just down the road and around the corner at the same time.
John and I both worked for the same shipping firm, as marine engineers, although we never sailed together on the same vessel, probably just as well !
I was running a 10 year old Austin Healey Sprite motor car at the time which was passed its first flush of youth. On the way home one day I was giving it it’ a head , peddle to the metal, as you do, when there was a large BANG followed by what sounded like a machine gun being discharged.
Oh dear, l said bless me.
I coaxed the car home and left it in my garage.
A couple of days later, at the start of some leave I decided to set too and investigate the problem. Was this going to be terminal or could I fix my baby.
I had the engine out in quite short order, head off and upside down on the work bench . Having loosened the screws and was just about to remove the sump pan.
Around the corner came our friend , John “Oh trouble?” He said as we both peered into the crankcase to see that the crankshaft was in fact broken clean in two. “You’re going need a new one of those” he suggested, helpfully. He not only knew where to obtain a new but off he went to get one. I continued stripping down the motor and within an hour he was back with a new crankshaft and a complete set of bearings. Not only that but the numbers on the new one indicated that it came from the same batch as the original !
The car was back up and running a couple at days. Thanks John, your a good mate
Richard Ogleyj

rita jarvis
October 17th, 2023

From Brian and Rita Jarvis
John was a best friend to both of us and we loved him very much.
His sense of humour made for some lively discussions and we will never ever forget him.
He was lucky enough to marry his hard working wife Marlou and was so proud of his two wonderful daughters.
\we are happy he is no longer suffering but we wanted him in our lives for longer

Baskott Family
October 14th, 2023

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friend, John

John's incredible and often mischievous sense of humor has provided us with an abundance of inspiration as we craft this tribute to celebrate his life.

Our enduring 37-year friendship was born at Zara Properties in Surrey, where John held the esteemed position of Building Manager. Each Monday, we would convene as the two property owners counted their quarters from the laundry room, surrounded by the jingling fortune of silver coins. It was on these occasions that John, always the clever trickster, would intentionally let a few coins slip from his grasp, delighting in the mischief as he quickly trod on them, a mischievous chuckle always escaping his lips. He relished the satisfaction of outsmarting the owners. After their departure, he would take to the floor, retrieving his dropped coins, occasionally left somewhat disheartened that they didn't add up to the coveted Tim Hortons coffee.

Saturdays were a special treat, as John would often drop by for coffee in the company of his beloved girls. The girls would be stationed in front of the TV to enjoy cable channels they didn't have at home, all the while indulging in cookies as we shared stories and laughter. Sometimes, they'd arrive early in the afternoon, following a visit to McDonald's, and then round it off with the forbidden delight of chewing gum. Our apologies to Marlou if you're just now discovering this delightful secret!

One unforgettable Saturday, John arrived with his girls and Marlou in tow. In those days, the girls were not allowed to get dirty or come into contact with germs. We had a lovable, sizable German Shepherd named Shadow that the girls adored, often hugging him with great enthusiasm. On this particular day, Ali was enjoying a cookie when she decided to share it with Shadow, who returned her kind gesture with a hearty lick. A flustered Marlou began a quick disinfection process, while John's response was a classic, "Don't worry, Marlou, the dog won't get sick from licking Ali."

John was renowned for his off-the-cuff, humorous remarks. He was no stranger to engaging in weekly battles with the editor of the Maple Ridge paper, defending his unique point of view. These spirited debates provided the town's residents with a regular source of amusement, eagerly anticipating the next edition.

When John graced our dinner table, it often featured his favorite dishes—Yorkshire pudding and the occasional English trifle. Every December, I would personally bring him an English trifle for his birthday, a tradition that Marian later embraced.

Beyond his remarkable humor, John was an exceptional friend. He was always there when you needed a helping hand, whether it was fixing house problems, attending to motorhome repairs, or delighting our grandkids as "HO HO John." Family isn't defined by blood alone, and John was a cherished part of our family. Together, we faced life's challenges and reveled in its joys.

John, we are eternally grateful for your kind heart, unwavering friendship, and the countless moments of joy we shared. It saddens us deeply that you never had the retirement you so rightfully deserved after years of hard work. As we bid you farewell, may you find freedom from pain and everlasting peace for your soul. You will be dearly missed, but your memory will forever brighten our hearts.

October 14th, 2023

You don't know me and I don't know you, but looking up another obituary I noticed the lovely picture. Then I read your unbelievably sweet obituary. I am sorry your lost your dear one, and saved the outstanding obituary, because I want to be remembered like this. My sweetest wishes for you all and your family, and keep this kind of happy memories for as long as you all may live

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