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Henry Peter Hansma

April 21st, 1960 - August 24th, 2023
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It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Henry Peter Hansma, on August 24 2023 at Royal Columbian Hospital after suffering a major heart attack followed by complications. Pete goes to join his beloved wife, Donna and his parents, Jan and Sjoukje Hansma.

Pete was born in Smithers, BC on April 21, 1960. He was a gardener/landscaper in his community of Maple Ridge for 30 years, and enjoyed it up until his death.

He is survived by his 4 children, Stephanie (Shawn), Sandi (Rob), John and David.

Also, by his 7 grandchildren: Austin, Dakota, Owen, Joanna, Sierra, Kassidy and Ivy.

He was part of a large family, having 4 brothers and 3 sisters Will (Wilma), Johanna (Steve), Theresa, John (Maria), Brian (Gracia), Steve (Karol) and Mary. Pete was an Uncle, Great Uncle and cousin to many as well.

He will be greatly missed.

His family would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the EHS/First Responders, the doctors and nurses at Royal Columbian Hospital ICU, HAU and the cardiac step down unit for all the care and support that they gave to our Dad.


Henry Hansma
September 4th, 2023

My Tribute to Henry Peter Hansma

Peter and I grew up together as best buds as early as I can remember. As kids we had many adventures. We explored new lands ,fought heroically in many wars, climbed some of the worlds highest mountains, hunted a lot of bears, lions and even had our own farms, all under the aliases Sam and Joe. Peter mostly took the lead as he had such a great imagination.
We stayed close as teens , working on and racing our cars , chasing a few girls , sometimes the same one which caused a little friction. At one time he said in his usual dramatic way , “let the best man win”. I think we both lost that time.
Our parents named us with the same name , l was also named Hendrik Peter Hansma, not sure how that happened. Both named after our Opa Idema, who loved building windmills, probably where Pete got that from.
I moved up North and we drifted apart, occasionally reuniting over the years. I remember one time we met again at our Oma’s Funeral. In this quiet setting , through our tears he asked how I was doing and I explained we had a new baby girl. What did you name her he asked. I told him Stephanie. Oh he said what about her second name. Anne I told him. He started to laugh and then said they also had named their daughter Stephanie Anne . We had a really good laugh, probably disrupting the somber occasion.
The thing about Peter that really stood out for me about him was that he was very good at the things he chose to do. Whether it be gardening or rock masonry or one of his hobbies, it was all done well with a lot of thought.
When I heard Pete was in the Hospital l enquired about him two or three times but thought I’d wait, till he was doing better to talk to him, pray with him and possibly help him reconnect with his faith in God. Waiting is something I will always regret. I’m thankful that others didn’t.
l fondly recall many good memories growing up along side my extended family and old friends
but am saddened when I think of some who have lost their way when it comes to their faith in God.
For those who have, I urge you to reconnect with the Lord. At the end of the day that’s what’s going to matter most.
“Seek the Lord while he may be found. Call on him while is near•••” Isaiah 55:6
There is a free app called “Bible”. (Has Holy Bible on a brown Bible) Has devotions that we read almost every morning.
Please Give it a try.

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John Kuipers
August 29th, 2023

I reconnected with Peter after 45 years, I visited him in Royal Columbian after his heart attack. We cried and shared what we missed, it became very evident that Peter missed Donna very much, but that he also loved his children greatly. Though he admitted relations were not always the best, that didn’t mean he didn’t love them any less. Peter allowed me to pray with him before I left, and he was at peace, I saw it in his eyes and tears. Unfortunately we will not get to go for coffee and catch up the many years of stories, I do cherish the time I did spend with him.

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