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Glen Albers

April 7th, 1949 - April 16th, 2022
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On April 16th, Glen Albers our beloved stepfather, husband, son, uncle, cousin, and friend passed away in the comfort of his home surrounded by his loving family with his heart filled with love, gratitude, and contentment.  

Glen came into our lives back in the mid 70’s in Niagara-on-the lake and immediately provided stability to our ever-changing lives. He fell in love with his soul mate, who had 3 kids. For a young man of 25 years, he never wavered in his commitment to provide, nurture, and love his family. Those first 4 years we all lived together in that small house in Niagara-on-the-lake was a life shaping bonding experience. Glen brought music into our house and the party began. He will forever be remembered for his savory chicken wings, baked bread and guitar playing sessions where more than a few strings were broken during his passionate playing. Thank you for all that music!

The next 47 years my mom and Glen raised a family, welcomed grandchildren, celebrated life, laughed, cried, felt joy, pain, gratitude and above all experienced immense love for one another. Their guiding light over the last 20 years was the spiritual path they shared together. All the benefits of that spiritual practice blossomed once again in Glen’s final months of his beautiful life. The courage, grace, humility, dignity, and love that poured out of his soul nourished his family one last time. He will be forever loved as a family man who was a hard working, gregarious, loyal, insightful, caring, and a loving spiritual soul that touched our hearts and many others. He will be missed and eternally loved!

With love and gratitude

The Albers, Baxter and Bonkowski families


April 21st, 2022
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It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Glen David Albers. Predeceased by his father Glen Lloyd Albers. Glen leaves behind his mother Sheron Albers, sister Diane and niece Jackie (Niagara Falls) along with a great many more relatives and friends including his beloved soulmate Neva, three stepchildren Greg, Graham (Yasuko) and Tania, grandchildren Sabastian and Isaiah (North Vancouver, B.C.)

Glen can mostly be remembered here in Niagara Falls for his entrepreneurial talents with Albers Music Centre @ Town and Country Plaza, along with guitar lessons to many young and old who shared his love of music (1967 – 1973). Glen also worked at the Ford Glass Plant (1974 – 1978). In his spare time enjoyed volunteer work with Niagara Falls Jaycees and Big Brothers Association. At the age of 25 he met the love of his life, Neva. After leaving the Ford Plant, he set his sights further west. His journey continued and sought great adventure while working in Alberta’s mines and oil fields. Neva completed her Master’s in Psychology and they both settled in Vermilion, Alberta where he worked as Custodial Supervisor for Lakeland College. Then once again ventured further west until they reached the destination of their dreams. North Vancouver, British Columbia. Glen continued to serve as Custodial Supervisor in the Vancouver school district. After further education he was able to explore the stockbroker business for 10 years and completed his working career as city bus driver. That provided the family with many amusing stories! Retirement came summoning at the age of 62.

At the age of 73, Glen was comfortably surrounded by his beloved family on April 16, 2022 in North Vancouver, B.C. when he departed to the painless, everlasting life his provider had promised. He firmly believed that the most important time of your life is “now” don’t ever waver in the past, that’s gone or the unknown future.

A beautiful Eulogy has been posted on his facebook page written by Graham, thank you!
Forever in our hearts, Mom and Diane

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