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Francisco Blancarte Garcia

September 23rd, 1973 - July 29th, 2023
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Francisco Blancarte García passed away at peace on July 29th 2023, at the age of 49 holding hands with the love of his life Lorena Santillan Liera, and daughters Andrea Blancarte Santillan and Samantha Blancarte along with his mother-in-law Silvia Liera Lugo at his bedside in his home. Francisco will be deeply missed by his family and passed away due to a terminal illness. He fought with dignity, bravery, and with grace against his ALS. We are eternally proud of him. Francisco was predeceased by his beloved father, Rutilio Blancarte Diaz and his beautiful sister, Maria Fernanda Blancarte and we are happy to know that they have been reunited and have each other. 

Francisco was born and grew up in Culiacan, Mexico on September 23, 1973 He graduated from COBAES 01 Secondary School in Los Mochis, México. Where he met his high school sweetheart Lorena Santillan Liera, his wife, they started as friends and eventually ended up falling in love with each other. 

His career with the UA Local 250 started in Gardena, California as a pipefitter. He was an honest, hardworking, and determined individual, he quickly became extremely knowledgeable in many fields of his trade, including other trades such as steamfitter, welder, pipeline worker, general foreman and union steward in his short years of life. He finally got his dream job offer in Canada and moved the whole family up to a better life. Along the way he shared his wisdom and jokes with his fellow brothers and sisters at the union. He was highly sought after and everyone wanted him to work for them because of his knowledge, determination, perseverance, and his leadership skills in his hard work. This was one of his greatest accomplishments for him and his family. 

He enjoyed many things in his life, his family being the most important to him. He had multiple hobbies such as scuba diving, fishing, hunting, tennis, camping, and playing video games with his kids, friends and family. He loved a good barbecue in the summer time and in the winter months his wife's delicious cooking. He was a family man and someone you could always count on, he enjoyed being dependable and honorable to his friends and family. 

He is survived by his beloved mother, Yalila Garcia Mata, his wonderful brother, Alex Blancarte García, his incredible sister, Yalila Blancarte García, his outstanding wife, Lorena Santillan Liera and his two daughters he was very proud of Samantha Blancarte Santillan, and Andrea Blancarte Santillan.


November 21st, 2023

Amazing father and husband. Always making people laugh. He will be so dearly missed

Loni Roy
August 19th, 2023

Francisco was the best. I met him a few years ago. He has been my fitter, Forman, GF, and most importantly a good friend. I will greatly miss seeing his face on the job. We had some amazing times and good laughs.
He was always the guy that put everyone in a good mood and made to job much more enjoyable. UA local 170 has lost an amazing tradesman and a solid union brother.
I have many wonderful memories of Francisco, I could go on for days, and I know a lot of 170 members that feel the same. He was a good friend that I will truly miss.

David Santillan liera
August 14th, 2023

Querido compadre, fuiste un hermano, amigo y cuñado para mi, muchas gracias por ser un gran esposo, mejor padre y grandioso ser humano!!! Vuela alto cabron!!!!!

Patrik Granc
August 14th, 2023

I will be forever grateful for the beautiful family this man created and made. I didn't know Francisco as long as I would have hoped , but the few short years that I had getting to know him and spending what time I was able to, I learned a lot from him and grew to appreciate and respect him immensely .
I never grew up with a reliable strong male figure in my life, so I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to have met this man. His strength , his resilience, his wit, him finding humor in the most seemingly stupid of things, he's an absolute beauty of a human being . He was a gem and that radiates through the beautiful family that he has created, he's a true inspiration . I know he will always be looking down proud of them, they are a reflection of him and they are as beautiful as he was. Rest in peace big guy

Wayne Mckinley
August 14th, 2023

Francisco was a very funny , kind hearted and highly intelligent individual. I will always admire the bravery he showed while knowing the fight he had in front of him . He never complained and never stopped laughing and just being the same guy he always was . I will always miss him , and will think of him often when I need inspiration to draw strength facing life’s challenges. God bless

Gordon Forbes
August 14th, 2023

Francisco your stories are missed around the lunch tables at work and the many laughs we had with you.

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