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Eunjoo Lee

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In Loving Memory of Eunjoo Lee.

Our wonderful Eunjoo peacefully moved from this world to the next in March 2024. Her departure leaves a hole in our lives and hearts that feels impossible to fill. Gone but never forgotten, she’ll continue to live on through the loved ones she’s left behind. 

A daughter, sister, wife, and friend, Eunjoo was an adventurous, unique, and radiant soul who found joy in life’s simple pleasures. Embracing nature with a sense of awe and wonder was enough to fill her with complete happiness. Whether she was taking in the cool crisp winter air, walking through autumn forests, soaking up the spring sun amidst blooming flowers, or gazing at the summer night sky, wondering what was beyond the stars, she found true bliss in these peaceful moments.

“Hello, beautiful world. I’m here!” She would often say with a smile that would melt your heart. She was so content exploring life and all it had to offer, sharing what she learned along the way with those she cared about with pure excitement. Cooking delicious meals for family and friends, wandering the halls of art galleries, hiking to mountaintops, losing herself in music, or traveling to unknown parts of the world to take in new cultures and experiences - these were some of the things that made Eunjoo who she was and why she loved living life to the fullest. 

But it wasn’t just Eunjoo's love for the world and those she shared it with that defined her; it was also her vivacious spirit and unwavering courage. She was fearless and proud, facing life's challenges with an unending strength and resilience that was truly inspiring. She was sharp and quick-witted with a sense of humor that you couldn’t help but love. She would never shy away from creative self-expression, welcoming it with open arms and encouraging others to do the same. 

In honoring Eunjoo's memory, let’s live life as she did - with boundless love, deep-rooted passions, and a genuine appreciation for all life’s wonders. Her presence was a gift and although she’s deeply missed, she lives on in the cherished stories and memories shared with friends and family.

Eunjoo might not be with us here anymore, but her spirit, her energy? It's everywhere and in everyone who cared about her. She’s in the warmth of the sun, the scent of flowers, and the melody and rhythm of life itself. So rest easy now, sweet Eunjoo, and until we meet again, shine on love. Shine on.


April 10th, 2024

May the comments here, and much more so, the experiences and members of those who knew her, serve as a living tribute to Eunjoo's memory.

One day, chatting with Eunjoo, she noted, "Koreans are the Italians of Asia!" She explained, "Koreans are extra spicy!" While Eunjoo could be reserved and maybe even shy, she had a unique and unmatched spicy personality that was front and centre with those she was comfortable with.

She would stand up and boldly proclaim - Everybody, I have an announcement! And then she'd share something fun and exciting for all to hear. It could be about something she learned or an idea she wanted us to explore. Eunjoo impacted everyone she met, and she left this world as a better place than it was before.

Her intuitive skills and caring for others came out, especially when she cooked or prepared a meal. She put thought and practice into every detail to make each meal unique and the best. She intersected simple and classic elements with modern, unique, and warm styles - this was her domain.

When I think of the loss of Eunjoo, I think of the word "unfair" because it is truly unfair that this young, vital, and full-of-energy person was taken away from us so soon. She had much more to do and share with the world, and we had more to experience with her, too.

And while I mourn the loss of what was and what could have been, in that short time she was on this Earth, Eunjoo led a well-lived life. She travelled, cooked, rode, painted, arranged, created, and experienced everything she could.

Your spirit will live on in everyone who knew you, in all the memories, and in those moments when we enjoy and savour simple pleasures. We pray for your husband, family, and many friends for their strength and resilience. We pray for all who knew Eunjoo to keep her memory joyful and alive.

Until we meet again at the dinner table in the sky, sweet friend.

"Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together." - Irish Prayer

Rob A
April 10th, 2024
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Our wonderful and adventurous friend, Eunjoo...

Strong. Beautiful. Driven. 
Bright. Creative. Sassy. 
Talented. Real. Inspiring.   

Everyone's love on this tribute page resonates and fills my heart with warmth during these times. 

I feel very privileged to have known and been close to such a wonderful human being. Every time I saw Eunjoo, she was smiling and beaming a light of love to everyone around. While we have many things in common, one thing for sure is that we both have a fond taste for the good things in life, and we shared this every time we hung out. 

I always had fun with Eunjoo trying to identify individual ingredients in the dishes, sauces, or drinks she created while I tasted them in front of her for the first time – she always seemed to get a real kick out of this (big smile!). She told me many times that it made her happy to see her friends and family eat and enjoy good I would keep eating and eating, and she would keep smiling and presenting more food! 

We have fond memories of having her and C over for homemade smash burgers; this became a bit of a tradition on birthdays or a once-in-a-while burger fix. Eunjoo seemed to get real enjoyment from all the preparation steps, timers, and diagrams created for the meal construction as I ran around in a kitchen apron and the cast iron pan smoked in front of her. 

Eunjoo could do it ALL: food, style, cool jewelry, dancing (DnB!), hiking, creating and designing (pretty much anything she wanted to), exploring and adventuring, sangria (the best!), flower arrangements, and trading summer fruit concoctions (cherries! yes, please!). She was also fearless and didn't even think twice about joining the crew for downhill mountain biking at Whistler Bike Park, hitting the rollerskating rink, or taking the helm of the boat on the ocean.

The sadness of no longer having you in our lives, Eunjoo, will never go away. But when someone so special that we all love leaves us, they are never gone; they live inside every one of us, in our hearts, in our minds, and in the fabric of our souls.

Thank you for always sharing your ultra-premium zest for life, your positivity, your creations...and your love for us, and C – you are forever in our crew.

Craig Noble
April 2nd, 2024

Eunjoo was a close friend, SAUCE CLUB co-founder, and my K-moto-adventure buddy. Although her long battle with cancer is now over, and she is no longer in pain, it is deeply sad when someone great leaves us.

Special lives should be celebrated, and for the last few great years of her Eunjoo’s life, for the brief time I had the privilege to know and work with her, she charged life with great enthusiasm, vigor, and a mighty spirit of adventure. A very impressive and inspirational third act indeed.

Eunjoo loved rainbows, campfires, travelling, vacherin (the cheese), fruit gleaning, hiking, mushroom foraging, kimchi, moto-camping, waterfalls, tequila, lichen, tender baby octopus, merino wool, and for some reason Wagner (the composer), something I never really understood….

She was an ultra-premium human and a good friend who will be dearly missed.

Rest In Peace Eunjoo.

Kristin Liu
April 2nd, 2024
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For nine years, Eunjoo graced my life with her presence, and I am forever grateful for the memories we shared.

Eunjoo was a force of nature, throwing herself into every adventure with unmatched enthusiasm and fearlessness. From starting new ventures to mastering new skills, she approached life with a spirit of determination and perseverance that inspired all who knew her.

Her creativity knew no bounds. I'll never forget the gatherings she hosted, where she effortlessly transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. I remember one particular evening, as we dined on her patio, she plucked a leafy branch from a nearby tree and turned it into a stunning centerpiece, illuminating our table with the soft glow of tea lights. In every detail, she infused beauty and elegance, turning even the simplest moments into unforgettable experiences.

Beyond her talents and accomplishments, what truly set Eunjoo apart was her warmth and kindness. She is leaving a lasting impression that will continue to inspire us all.

Let us cherish the memories we shared with her and strive to emulate her zest for life, her creativity, and her unwavering kindness. Though she may no longer be with us in body, her spirit will live on in the countless lives she touched, and her memory will continue to inspire us for years to come.

Denise Liu
March 31st, 2024

Eunjoo was a beautiful soul that loved life and lived it with vigour. She always persevered any obstacles with a positive attitude and took such joy in everyday things. I was always amazed at her stories of another new adventure, learning how to ride a motorbike, going to culinary school, and travelling the world. She did it all with ease.

I called her a cousin in an attempt to convey to strangers how important she was to me but it falls a little short. Her presence illuminate my world, and her absence leaves a void impossible to fill.

Rest well little sister. I know the sun is shining brightly on you. One day we will meet again.

Chris Ferreira
March 29th, 2024
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My sweet Eunjoo, the love of my life. No words can describe my sorrow as I try to deal with your passing. Everything now seems so surreal. Each day without you feels like an eternity, serving as a reminder of the vast void you’ve left behind. Although it’s an impossible task, I keep trying to make sense of the senseless, to comprehend this loss I feel. I miss you more than any words can say.

You are so much more than just my wife. You are my best friend, adventure co-pilot, strength, muse, and inspiration. You embraced me for all I was, never trying to change me into something I was not, and always encouraged me to be something I could be, giving me the courage I never knew I had. Your love for me is like the most amazing symphony, making my heart sing so many beautiful songs while your laughter and smile are my medicine. You are my home, my light, my peace, and with me every moment of the day.

I’m blessed to have the years we had together. They were the best of my life and I loved loving you every step of the way. I’ll forever hold close all the moments we shared, grateful for the time we had since it gave me the honor of loving you. Making you happy was one of my greatest joys. Yet, I can’t help wanting more - wishing we could have grown old together, to do all the things we were planning, and to live life by your side so I could fulfill my vow to make you laugh every day. My only regret is not meeting you sooner, to have more time with you, so our love could continue to deepen and bloom.

Seeing and experiencing the world through your eyes was such a magnificent gift. You taught me so much, helping me become a better man over the years while we shaped our unique and precious love that grew with each passing day. And while I now have this unbearable emptiness, I will do my best to keep my promise to you and again find my rhythm in life. To dig deep and muster the strength to keep my chin up, living as you would have, as you showed me, and as we would have together. To ensure your spirit and memory continue to live on so they can shine brilliantly every day.

Even though you’ve left this world, not even death will be able to extinguish the flame of our love. It burns too bright and too strong. It’s more than we thought possible, powerful beyond measure, and will withstand the test of time. This we know. We are etched in the fabric of each other's hearts and souls, forever a part of one another that can never be lost or forgotten. You will always be with me and I with you, and I’m so thankful for that.

So wherever you are now, whatever you may be, and in whichever place you now call home, I hope you are full of all the love and joy you deserve, watching over me until the day comes when we can be reunited so our story can continue to be written. Thank you for loving me and showing me what true, pure love is. I love you so very, very much. Just as I always have and I always will.


Jeanne Cook
March 28th, 2024

Eunjoo, No words can describe the sadness we are feeling since you left us. There are so many things I will miss, your beautiful smile, your fearless approach to new adventures, your enthusiasm for life was infectious. You were a true force to be reckoned with.

You had such a quirky sense of humor that I loved and appreciated and had become the sister I never knew I wanted but so happy to finally have. You had such an incredible spirit, your vivaciousness would light up the room and you taught me to live in the moment and not wait for tomorrow. You had such an eagerness to explore and learn new things and would attack any challenge with such a fierce determination it was quite admirable and so inspiring.

Your beauty left me speechless, your style envious, but most of all your love for my brother made me happy. I wish I had more time with you but feel blessed and thankful for the little time we had together.

I miss you my little Jube Jube but will do my best to live each day to the fullest and embrace life and all it's colourful beauty as you did.

Until we meet again beautiful girl

XO Jeanne

Christina Wolf
March 27th, 2024
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Honoring Eunjoo is honoring the highest form of presence and positive support in friendship and love. I met Eunjoo through a good friend, and we developed our own friendship that had its own pacing and its own room for exploring who we were and how we lived life. Eunjoo loved music, and had an encyclopedic knowledge of opera that shone through. When an artist she loved came through town, the joy of this event spilled over to color the event happy yellow for everyone.

One of the first things I learned about Eunjoo was that she was a florist, and wow did she love plants. From making flowers happen for others' special days to interesting choices of plants for her own home, she had a unique eye and a love of flowers, succulents, and anything that grows, and she really was talented. I was lucky that she got me into patio planter gardening one year by doing the shopping for all of my flowers/plants one year, and arranging them as well. She tried to coach me to not over water my plants and I did the best I knew how... but that was by far the most beautiful summer patio I was lucky enough to live with. Another time she asked me for an empty liquor bottle as she had an idea of starting an upcycling business with plants. Eunjoo had an active mind and a can-do spirit.

When I met Eunjoo she wasn't too in bikes, but at some point she got on a bike and it just didn't stop, first pedal bikes, then motor bikes, and more and more ambitious trips. Biking added some dimension to Eunjoo that was so in alignment with her immediacy in life and with her love of the outdoors. Good thing there was always room for her bikes on our visits together, whether that was her coming over or us meeting up along the seawall somewhere.

Eunjoo loves people deeply and forever... I have grown to meet and love others in Eunjoo's life as people who really matter to me, even though I only saw them when I was with Eunjoo. And I felt lucky that I got to see Eunjoo falling in love with her husband Chris, and seeing the two of them grow in their love and respect for each other and the commitment to living every day to its fullest, whether that was trips to foreign lands or days making the most of the hard situations that life put before Eunjoo.

Celebrating Eunjoo is celebrating currents of love, bravery in truth, gushing creativity, and joyousness in daring acts. In this picture, I am hugging Eunjoo and trying to hold all that love... Eunjoo is letting all her love into the camera for all to see. This is so Eunjoo, and I love who she is and who she grew to be every day of her life. Many moments, gestures, ways of walking in this world, and all forms of hot sauce will remind me of Eunjoo for the rest of my days.

Peter Ferreira
March 27th, 2024


I believe you are in a special place now and I KNOW you are in a special place in all our hearts... A well deserved place. See you...

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