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Eleanor Kathleen Brady

February 1st, 1966 - July 4th, 2023
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Eleanor Kathleen Brady

February 1, 1966 - July 4, 2023 

It is with deep sadness we announce the sudden passing of Eleanor Brady on July 4, 2023 in North Vancouver.

Eleanor was the youngest of Gloria and Robert Brady's six children. She is mourned by siblings Christopher (Janie), Patricia (Bill), Cameron, Joseph (Viki) and Walter (Sanné), and will be missed by niece Elysian (Jordan), and nephews Chuck (Hilary), Liam (Kit), Aeon, and Dominic. Eleanor will also be greatly missed by Sanné's sister Nicole and her daughters Thora and Rayne as well as friends and neighbors, most notably Sally (friends for 45+ years!) and Ed.

Eleanor was artistic, and won scholarship awards for drawing & painting and art in her last two years of high school. Art and the development of her own unique style continued to be an interest for several years after graduating, leading to a show and sale of her works.

She truly cared about people and seemed driven to help. This led her to a career as a trained care aide during which she provided comfort for patients many of whom were in the end stages of their lives. She received several letters of commendation and thanks for her compassionate professionalism. Later in life she would easily avail herself to use these skills in aid to friends and family, making difficult circumstances a little easier.

               Challenges in her life could often leave Eleanor in a very dark state of mind, yet she always enjoyed a good laugh which could be most easily elicited through the absurd, zany, goofy, quirky or generally off kilter. Think Warner Brothers cartoons, Monty Python, Resident Alien, poorly written ads or bad grafitti. She also loved old timey movies, TV shows and radio plays; the more over the top in their theatricality, the better.

In terms of her own sense of humor a favorite device was to describe some mundane task such as shopping for a birthday gift as if it were a sinister plot. She would describe each step with rising volume and intensity, punctuated at last with her bellowing: "And no one will ever know!"

Despite the many challenges that afflicted Eleanor, it was her warm, caring, if slightly batty nature that endeared her to friends, neighbors and of course, her family. She was a good friend, a maddening, beloved sister and beautiful weirdo. She will be missed more than she could know.


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