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Barbara Hilger

August 24th, 1940 - January 3rd, 2024
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Barbara was born as a twin with her brother, Gernot, and she grew up with her two older sisters, Renate, and Hanna Lore, her mother Helen, and her father Willibald in Waldenburg Germany in the midst of World War II. Barbara's family in Germany was split and fragmented due to the war, but they were reunited in 1950.

Barbara immigrated to Canada in 1960 after meeting her husband, Paul, and she raised her three children, Ruth, Rolfe, and Eric. Barbara's youthful exuberance, tireless spirit, and her sense of humor was always present, despite the difficulties she endured with her new life in Canada. Barbara persevered through the hardships and worked tirelessly to raise her children in their new country so they had a better opportunity in life.

Barbara continued to live in Prince George, BC, until 2004, when she moved to Mission, BC. living as a widow. Barbara continued to enjoy listening to her classical music and operas, playing cribbage with her friends at the seniors center, and visiting her children or her brother in Germany when possible. Barbara embodied self sacrifice, hard work, and displayed the resiliency of a true Canadian pioneer for the sake of her children.

Barbara will be missed by all those that knew her, especially her family members. She is survived by her three children, their spouses, Emile, Loralee, Cindy,  her three grandchildren, Ashley, Jonathan, and Nicholas, their spouses Derek, Fallon, Lindsay, and her five great grandchildren, Keaton, Callie, Declan, Brady, and Addison. Barbara will also be missed by her only other relatives in Canada that reside in Alberta, which are her three nephews, Peter, Carl, Andrew and her niece, Barbara. Barbara will also be missed by her twin brother and her sister in Germany. 

A celebration of Barbara's life will be held on August 5th, 2024 at 11276 Huffman Drive, Fort St. James, where she was able to reconnect with her family in the past few summers. 


Rolfe Hilger
January 19th, 2024

I'm so sad but grateful for the time I was able to spend with Mom, particularly in the last two years. I feel that she sacrificed so much but didn't receive the time or recognition that she deserved from her family. I will always cherish the memories that I shared with her and I am in awe of what she accomplished in her life for her family's sake. She was educated as an English teacher and an accomplished musician in Germany, but she gave up everything to live in the bush in harsh conditions to give us a better life than what she experienced in a war torn country.
I am born a proud Canadian but I'm even more proud to think how I became one. It's because of her and what she sacrificed for me to be where and who I am. I'm forever grateful and I will always revere you for the incredible things that you achieved for me Mom!!

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