Together Forever Companion Urn

Together Forever Companion Urn

Category: Urns
Collection(s): Stone Urns
Product Code: UFT

$1195.00 each

Product Number:  250

This new urn from The Everafter Collection, is truly a work of art! It holds approximately 420 cubic inches of cremated remains and comes with a removable interior divider. It loads from the bottom and is only 9 7/8" high and 9 7/8" wide by 7 1/2" in depth, allowing it to easily fit into any Cemetery Niche. 

The leather-like design ‎wraps around the entire urn, helping create the appearance of holding two vessels together. It comes standard with the engraving "Together Forever" and is beautifully embellished with two hearts, representing two unique and loving partners. Across the center of the top is another beautiful carved scroll design that compliments the carvings on the front.

For an additional $95.00 there is an option to put an engraving on the urn.