Affordable Cremation Services

Basic Cremation Package  $995.00


  • Telephone or Zoom™ arrangement with one of our licensed funeral directors
  • Transportation of your loved one into our care (24 hours a day, weekends and holidays included, from home, hospice, or other care facility)
  • Cremation fee
  • Cremation tray with a wooden base ($195 value)
  • Plastic urn ($20 value)
  • Tribute posted on our website
  • Taxes and registration fees extra
  • Some restrictions apply (see below)

For most families, our $995 affordable cremation package provides everything you need for the final care of your loved one. However, there are some restrictions and a few options you might want to consider.  Here are the other charges that may apply to you:

Consumer Protection Fee 40.00

A mandatory administration fee charged by Consumer Protection for each death registered in the Province of British Columbia. This fee will be added to the above package.


Death Certificates27.00

An official document issued by the Department of Vital Statistics typically required as proof of death by banks, government agencies, insurance companies, etc. (If you aren't sure how many to order, start with one. We can always provide you with more later).


In-Person Funeral Arrangements125.00

The majority of our funeral arrangements are completed by phone or Zoom™. However, if you would prefer to meet with one of our Funeral Directors in person, either in our office or at your home, this additional fee will apply.


Additional Fees for Transfers Outside of our Regular Service AreaChilliwack                50.00
Hope/Squamish   100.00



Your loved one will be dressed in the clothes you have chosen for them.  Clothes must be brought to the crematorium in Maple Ridge.


Fingerprint Scans & Locks of Hair25.00

A digital scan of your loved one's fingerprint will be uploaded to From this website you can order jewelry engraved with the fingerprint and/or with a few grains of your loved one's cremated remains inside. This fee also includes collecting locks of hair, if desired.


DNA Sampling498.00

Receive a purified sample of your loved one's DNA for future testing. See for more details.


Pacemaker Removal 75.00

Surgical removal of a pacemaker, if applicable, prior to cremation.



Chemical treatment of the deceased to sanitize, retard the break down of the body, and restore a life-like appearance . Recommended, but not legally required, for visitations. 



Up to 10 friends and family members may visit with the deceased for up to 1 hour. Includes washing, dressing, and light cosmetics if needed. 


ID Verification only 200.00

One or two family members will have 10 minutes to visually verify the identity of the deceased. Does NOT include bathing, dressing, or any other decedent care.


Cremation for those over 250 lbs (113 kgs)365.00

An additional fee charged by the crematorium to cover the cost of a larger cremation container as well as the additional time needed to complete the cremation.


Expedited Cremation200.00

The cremated remains will be returned to you within 48 hours of receiving government authorization to proceed with cremation.


Witness Cremation Start300.00

Up to 10 friends and family members can be present for your loved one's final journey as they are placed in the cremation chamber.  If desired, a family member can start the cremation process.


Scattering on Land125.00

Your loved one’s cremated remains will be scattered for you at a local park or other suitable location.  Scattering will take place at a time of our choosing during the Spring or Summer months.  


Shipping Cremated Remains within the BC Lower Mainland (Squamish to Hope)No Charge

If you live within our service area, your loved one's cremated remains and death certificate(s) will be couriered to you via Express Post.


Personal Delivery of Cremated Remains125.00

One of our staff will deliver your loved one's cremated remains and death certificate(s) to your home or office. Deliveries are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. Only available to residents of the BC Lower Mainland from North Vancouver to Abbotsford.


Shipping Cremated Remains within Canada95.00

If you live outside our service area, your loved one's cremated remains and death certificate(s) will be couriered to you via Express Post.


Shipping Cremated Remains to the United States120.00

If you live in the United States, your loved one's cremated remains and death certificate(s) will be couriered to you via Express Post.



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Prices are subject to change without notice.