Preplanning Your Funeral

Death can still be a pretty taboo subject for most people. We don’t like the thought of our own death, so we simply don’t talk about it. But death is inevitable, we’ll all face it some day and there are many reasons for planning for it now, rather than leaving that difficult task to your grieving loved ones.

Here are 9 reasons to preplan for the unexpected:

1. Minimize stress. 

You can ease a little bit of stress from your family in one of the most difficult times for them.

2. Have it your way. 

You can’t assume that your family will know what you would have wanted or will remember when the time comes. Do they know if you want a burial or cremation? Do they know if you want your ashes spread or kept close by? If you want your ashes scattered, where? Do you want a large celebration or small intimate family and close friends get-together? There are so many options so set it up the way you wish to be honoured.

3. Get the details right.

With only a few days between death and cremation, there is a big chance someone will make hasty decisions that might not be necessary, but it is less likely to happen if you’ve planned all the details ahead of time.

4. Work with people you respect.

When you pre-plan, you have the chance to get to know the funeral home that will be taking care of you after death. You can build trust with the funeral director and choose based on who you believe will do the best job caring for your family and making sure your last wishes are granted.

5. Eliminate financial burden on your family.

When you pre-plan, you have the option to pay for everything ahead of time which takes so much pressure and stress off your family in a time they need it. Your family is facing enough due to your death, unexpected costs don’t have to be one of those things.

6. Save money.

Once you prepay for your arrangements, the price is locked in so even if the prices go up; the costs are covered.

7. Your funds are protected.

Your funds are kept safe in a trust administered by a bank or insurance company so the funeral home cannot access that money for any other purpose than to pay for your arrangements.

8. It’s transferrable.

If you move, your funds can be transferred to whichever funeral home you choose.

9. It's Easy.

You can start today, get in contact with us and meet with one of our staff members to get your plan all set up. We offer this service for free and there is no obligation for you to prepay for your plan. Whether you pay in advance or not, the record of your final wishes will be kept permanently so that when the time comes, we can help your family in bringing it all together.

Please call or text (604) 809-2006 if would like to speak with someone about preplanning your cremation.