Covid-19 Social Distancing & Isolation?

Here is where we will add ideas for what to do to stay connected and keep busy while in isolation and social distancing... 

1. Go for a walk

Going for a walk with family and friends is fine to do during social distancing –The only thing to remember is keep the 6 foot distance between yourself and others.

 2.  Learn a new skill or hobby

This is a great time to look into taking an online course. Almost anything and everything can be found through online learning.

3. Have a Disney movie day

Have an uplifting day make some popcorn and watch your favourite Disney movies.

4. Take a Zoo tour

Visit your favourite animals by taking a virtual zoo tour.

5. Spring Cleaning 

Take a day to spring clean, de-clutter and purge.

6. Make Homemade Cards 

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to make a personalized “thinking of you” card. Make someones day...get creative and let someone know you are thinking of them. 

7. Virtual Dinner Date

Cook your favourite meal, light a candle and have a virtual dinner with friends and family. 

8. Video Games

Have fun and spend the afternoon or evening playing video games. 

9. Meditation

Calm your mind with silence and experience stress release by meditation.

10. Yoga 

Increase your mobility and strength. There are many free yoga classes you can find online

11. The Fridge

Great time to put on the rubber gloves and clean the refrigerator. 

12.  Camping (at home) 

Set up the BBQ and tent right in your own back yard.  


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