Why Is Cremation Budget-Friendly?

Why Is Cremation Budget-Friendly?

Cremation has always been a budget-friendly option for a number of reasons. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about why cremation is more budget-friendly than traditional burial.


The first reason is because of the plot. In order to bury someone in the ground, one needs a plot. Sometimes families buy several plots years in advance. But more often than not, one has to arrange this at the same time as the rest of the funeral. And in big cities, plots will be very costly.

When a body is cremated, a plot is not needed. While it is possible to bury ashes in some cemeteries (or elsewhere), ashes or cremains do not require the same footprint in the ground that a casket does.


Most people who bury a deceased loved one want a headstone for the grave. Headstones are expensive and take a long time to create. The bigger and more elaborate the headstone, the more expensive it is. The cost of the headstone can be a big chunk of the cost of a traditional funeral, and the headstone is typically erected months after the burial.


Some families want to have an urn to store the ashes. However, if you intend to scatter the cremains then you can greatly reduce the cost of the urn.


Services are cheaper with a cremation because not as many are required. For example, when a family wants an open casket then embalming and preparation of the body is an added expense. These are services that are not required for a cremation.


Caskets are expensive, and the heavier and more ornate they are the more expensive they get. Only a very simple and specific type of casket is used in cremation, which burns readily, and these are much less expensive that those use for burial.

Cremation is much more cost-effective and budget-friendly than tradition burial. You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to talk about cremation or funeral details. We can be reached in Vancouver at (604) 809-2006


We believe every family deserves respect, reverence, and compassion. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cremation services, please call or text (604) 809-2006.


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