What Paperwork Is Required for Cremation in British Columbia

August 31st, 2023 in Cremation Laws and Regulations
What Paperwork Is Required for Cremation in British Columbia

Paperwork Requirements

There is not a lot of paperwork required for cremation to take place in British Columbia. The most important point here is that your funeral provider can help you get through the paperwork.

Registration and Timing

There needs to be paperwork to register the death with Vitl Statistics, to release your loved one to the funeral provider, and, in addition, 48 hours must pass after death before a cremation can take place.

Medical Certification

A medical professional must compete a Medical Certificate of Death within 48 hours which is forwarded to the funeral provider.

Death Certificate and Estate Matters

Once the funeral provider has the Medical Certificate of Death, and gathers the required information, then the funeral provider will register the death and issue a death certificate. This death certificate will be needed for settling the estate such as filing insurance claims, applying for death benefits, and proceeding with the execution of the will.

Support and Guidance

The paperwork surrounding a death is not complicated, but it can feel overwhelming to a grieving family. For this reason funeral providers are very experienced at helping those persons left behind to navigate this administrative part to get the right documents filed and the right documents as needed.

Death is an everyday occurrence across the province, and all the people involved in the procedures will be familiar with the trail of paperwork needed. Do not let this part of the funeral process worry you. Funeral providers are kind and compassionate looking after the needsfor their client families. The funeral director will help you get what you need, and the process will feel seamless. 

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