What Laws Apply to Cremation in British Columbia?

May 27th, 2023 in Cremation Laws and Regulations
What Laws Apply to Cremation in British Columbia?

The laws applying to cremation in British Columbia, fall under the Cremation, Interment, and Funeral Services Act, Chapter 35. There is a long list of information related to the act, but in the blog article, we will summarize the main points:

British Columbia Cremation Law Summary

  1. Bodies cannot be cremated unless at least 48 hours has passed since the person died, EXCEPT in cases where the operator is ordered to do so by a medical health officer.
  2. Cremation businesses are not allowed to offer other means of preservation or storage like cryonics or irradiation with a view to resuscitating that remains at a future time.
  3. If the deceased has declared how he/she wishes to be cremated, those wishes are binding and take precedent over the wishes of others.
  4. A funeral provider may require visual identification of a body before cremation.
  5. All work performed by a funeral provider is confidential except under certain circumstances such as when there are inquiries by a law enforcement agency or with the consent of the person to whom the information relates.
  6. Ashes are allowed to be scattered on crown lands or in the oceans. They may also be scattered on private land with the owner’s written permission.
  7. Any container for ashes is acceptable if it meets the standards of The Public Health act. In order words, one can provide a container and is not obligated to buy a container from the funeral provider.

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