What Can You Do With Cremation Ashes to Memorialize a Loved One

What Can You Do With Cremation Ashes to Memorialize a Loved One

In recent years, cremation has become an increasingly popular choice for families as an alternative to traditional burials. The rise in popularity is a result of the lower cost of cremation and the flexibility it offers in terms of memorialization options.

The Benefits of Cremation

One of the main advantages of cremation is that it provides families with multiple options for memorializing their loved ones, including:

  • Scattering the ashes in a place that was significant to the deceased.
  • Burying the ashes in a cemetery or a backyard.
  • Keeping the ashes in an urn or a special container.
  • Creating a memorial object, such as a piece of art or a garden feature.
  • Scattering the ashes into an ocean or body of water.

Ultimately, choosing how to memorialize a loved one will depend on personal preference and the wishes of the deceased.

Flexibility in Memorial Service Timing

Another advantage of cremation is the added flexibility in terms of the timing of the memorial service. With traditional burials, the funeral and burial must take place relatively quickly after the person's death. With cremation, the ashes can be preserved until a time that is more convenient for the family to have a memorial service or to scatter the ashes in a place that is significant to the deceased.

Cremations Offer Flexibility and Choice

Overall, cremation is an increasingly popular choice for families as it offers more flexibility in terms of memorialization options, timing, and location of the service. 

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