Top 5 Cremations Myths

December 11th, 2021 in Cremation Myths and Misconceptions
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Getting cremated is not a new process, but there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding cremations. A quick search through Google will provide all sorts of misinformation surrounding the process, costs, and environmental impacts. To dispel some common cremation myths, our team has highlighted five to clear up.

Cremations are Expensive

This one is a pretty common myth, and it's something that's held a lot of people back from getting cremated. While it is true that cremation can cost you more than a traditional burial service, it's important to remember that the process does not require paying for an expensive plot of land.

Cremations Are Rare

The rarity of cremations is another common myth and one that's a little surprising when you think about the number of deaths that happen each day. Cremations are becoming more and more common, with Canada and the United States having two of the highest percentages of cremations in the western world.

Multiple Bodies Are Cremated at The Same Time

A professional cremation service will only cremate one body at a time. The cremation process starts with one body, which is then picked up by a professional body handler and placed in a container. The container is then transported to the crematorium for cremation.

Human Ashes Are Bad for The Environment

There are all sorts of environmentally friendly options for ashes now. The ashes can be mixed with planting systems and used for gardening, scattered at a legal site, or kept within an urn. With cremations growing in popularity, companies are finding unique environmentally friendly uses for human ashes.

Cremations are Easy

The cremation process is a little challenging to navigate for first timers. We strongly recommend working with a professional cremation service to ensure the process is done respectfully.

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