How Can I Start the Conversation About Final Wishes?

How Can I Start the Conversation About Final Wishes

None of us ever know when our time is up. For that reason, it’s very important to communicate your wishes for burial to your family and partners but it can be a difficult conversation to bring up. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to start that conversation.

Telling others what you want for your final wishes is a conversation you should have had yesterday. But if you have not had it yet, it can be as simple as bringing it up at the breakfast table or dinner table. Talking about death does not have to be taboo. Death is part of life, difficult one but one all the same. Many people are very reluctant to bring up the topic, but it is an important discussion to have.

Your Will

The topic about wishes for burial or cremation often arise as part of the process when writing a Will. So, if you have not written a Will, do so without delay. In British Columbia, as part of the Will you can include a Memorandum in which you outline how you want your body handled after death. The memorandum is not legally binding, but it is a strong message to your executor.

The Executor

Discuss this with your executor if you already have a Will and have not discussed it already. The executor will be in a strong position to make sure your wishes are honored.

The most important people to discuss your final wishes with are your significant other and/or any family members who would be making these decisions. How will your loved ones honor your wishes if they do not know what your wishes are.

You can communicate that cremation is much simpler and more cost-effective than other solutions. Cremation is chosen more and more because it just makes sense.

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