Cremation Preplanning and Peace of Mind

Cremation Preplanning and Peace of Mind

Some funeral homes like A Simple Cremation offer some cremation preplanning services. This can offer peace of mind to someone who has definite ideas for how he or she wants his/her funeral to proceed. While we can all take certain steps to ensure our funerals go as we would wish, once you are no longer alive, there are no guarantees unless you do some preplanning yourself.

So, how does cremation preplanning work?

Discussion with Funeral Provider

You have to talk to your funeral provider. Some will offer these preplanning services. (We do.) You will have to find out exactly what is included, as you may want to also preplan for other parts of the funeral such as a “Celebration of Life” which would not likely be included.

Pay Ahead

With preplanning packages, money can be paid ahead to include certain services. This money is held in trust until the death of the person who did the preplanning, at which time the services can come into play. If you move, the money held in trust can be transferred to another funeral provider.


There are many advantages to preplanning a funeral. First, you remove the burden of funeral planning from those who will be suffering and grief-stricken after your passing. Second, you retain control over your funeral arrangements, because you have specified them and also paid for them in advance.

Preplanning packages for cremation are certainly worth your consideration if you are wanting to tidy up some of your affairs. It is a good idea to also have a Will and to specify that you have already arranged for and paid for this service. You should also communicate this to your friends and family and your executor.

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