Considerations When Scattering Cremains (Ashes)

April 2nd, 2024 in Cremation and Memorialization
Considerations When Scattering Cremains (Ashes)

Cremation is becoming more and more common as the preferred choice of disposition. And of all those who are cremated almost half of those individuals have their cremains scattered after cremation. So, in today’s blog we want to discuss considerations regarding the scattering of cremains.

The Wishes of the Deceased

The wishes of the deceased should play a role in whether their cremains are scattered and where they may be spread. Sometimes this is spelled out in someone’s will, Memoradum accompanying a will or in their prepaid funeral arrangements and sometimes this is decided after by the executor or the family.

But if the deceased clearly wanted some specific area for scattering the cremains (ashes), then one should consider that seriously and fulfill this request.

Local Jurisdiction

Another consideration is where you are planning to spread the ashes. Different jurisdictions will have different rules about the scattering of cremains. For example, in British Columbia there is no law against scattering cremains in wilderness areas or on water. If they are to be scattered on private property then you will need permission from the landowner. Please respect local laws in your decision to scatter ashes.

Family Wishes

You may want to consult some family members. Some family members may want to keep some ashes. In fact, one of the advantages of cremation is the ability to divide ashes up between several people. Once ashes are scattered, there is no going back, so, be very sure of your decision to scatter the ashes.

The Deceased

If you do not have specific instruction on where to scatter the ashes, then you may wish to consider the deceased and his or her likes, dislikes, and habits. For example, scattering ashes at sea makes more sense if the deceased loved the ocean or was a boater. Consider where the person spent their free time and what their hobbies were to give you some ideas.

Ashes do not have to be scattered. Cemeteries allow the burial of ashes in an urn. Some cemeteries have scattering gardens and/or ossuary, where the ashes are placed into a common area together with other cremains. You will need to explore what you think is best and what the will instructs you to do. 

Direct cremation is cost-effective and budget-friendly compared to traditional casket burial. You are always welcome to contact us to talk about cremation details. 

We believe every family deserves respect, reverence, and compassion. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cremation services, please call or text (604) 809-2006.


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