Cremation Process, Planning, Considerations

These articles provide insights into the cremation process and explore the various types of cremation available. For example, find out how long the entire cremation process typically takes, understand the differences between different cremation methods, and learn how you can ensure your final wishes for cremation are honored.

What to Know About Obituaries
An obituary is a traditional and public way of announcing that someone has passed away. When you are ready to begin writing an obituary for a loved one, read here for some important tips.
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How Is a Body Transferred to a Lower Mainland Cremation Facility?
Not everyone knows what happens after someone dies and, specifically, how a body is transferred to a funeral home or crematorium in the Lower Mainland. Read here to learn more.
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Why Is Cremation Budget-Friendly?
Cremation has always been a budget-friendly option for a number of reasons. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about why cremation is more budget-friendly than traditional burial.
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