Can There be a Cremation Without a Funeral?

May 30th, 2024 in Cremation and Tradition
Can There be a Cremation Without a Funeral?

Yes, you do not need to have a funeral to have a cremation. This process is known as a direct cremation. A direct cremation happens when the body is cremated following the 48 hour time requirement after death.  The family will look after the burial or scattering of the cremains. Direct cremations are a popular choice for people who want to keep things simple and do not wish to go through the rituals of a full service. With that in mind, people can still opt for a memorial service after the direct cremation has happened. The memorial service will be held at a location such as a funeral home chapel, community banquet hall or city park. 

What Are the Benefits of Direct Cremation?

The main benefit of a direct cremation is cost. A direct cremation is less than a traditional funeral because you are not paying for staffing, facilities such as a chapel and/or tea room. Furthermore, you will not have to pay for a burial casket, although a burial casket may be used if desired , embalming, and many other essential funeral services. The cost savings by having a direct cremation can be used by families in other ways.

Another benefit of choosing a direct cremation is that it can be done in a relatively short period of time. If you are planning a direct cremation, you won't have to deal with the details needed in preparing for the requirements of a traditional service. A direct cremation happens within a few days after death, and the cremains are returned shortly after.

If your loved one has opted for direct cremation, you can feel confident that the process will be done professionally. Direct cremation continues to grow in popularity.

If you have any questions about direct cremation we would be pleased to answer them.

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